Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Role Of youth for Development of Pakistan

           I'm not here to revise the same trend as earlier did for describing the hurdles of policy & opportunity which are facing by youth. I’m here to present something different such as the positive effort that youth has trying to do on its own behalf, and trying to fulfill 3 basic principles gave by our great leader Quaid-e-Azam such as Faith, Unity, Discipline, those are somewhere in the wilderness.
Definition of Youth:
As per books, Youth is an alternative word to the scientifically-oriented adolescent and the common term of teen and teenager, another common title for youth is young person or young people or pupil. And according to United Nation the term Youth will be fixed on those who are in between 15-25 years of age.
And for now according to my research youth is that spark which needs no ignition. The young or youth do not enough to be prudent, and therefore youth attempt the impossible and achieve it, generation after generation. Our Youth is socially responsible and moreover working dedicatedly to see Pakistan attains and developed status.
Historical Background:
            If we see in the history of youth, it starts when our beloved prophet Hazrat Mohammad S.A.W was born. After sometime when prophet started prophecy Hazrat Ali R.A was the first in the youth of that time who accept Islam. And all fourth companions who stand with our prophet at every timely help, and we also understand their major title because of the sincerity of these companions with their thought and teaching such as: Trade relates with Hazrat Abu-Bakar, Justice relates to Hazrat Umar R.A, Generosity relates Hazrat Usman R.A, Education & Teaching relates to Hazrat Ali R.A.
They are the youth of that time who fought against injustice, illiteracy. And fight for Allah and his Prophet for their teaching, way of life, rules for survival, humankind, for justice, equality, trade, and for peace for the sake of truth. And time by time they and others companions spread out in the whole world with the basic phenomenon of Islamic teaching, it was an enthusiasm and positive energy with love that get them motivated at their target. And I proudly said that they are, who win the laurel for all the humankind of the earth and left the glorious chapter with full of enrich.
After some centuries, we can see the efforts of youth once again in subcontinent, from Aligarh universities in the humble and kind guardian of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan which was also led by him. We struggle once again for our religious rights, equality, and education and for other respective principles. Later it became a center of Pakistan Movement time by time. And after a very short time youth again get in stand with leaders to protect their ottoman empire.
Current Scenario:
The youth of Pakistan are hopeful pupil; we trying to make our future conducive with the help of valuable advice from our teachers, colleagues, seniors who are the full of princely behavior at timely help. And they are attempting their laborious and onerous task. According to valuable commandments gave by Quaid-e-Azam. A few of us have painful experience but the others are taking instructive experience from their thoughts and teaching, while the sensible suggestion gives them pathway to make Pakistan a wealthy region. 
We the youth of Pakistan may also referred as "Nation Builders". Because youth plays significant role for development of Pakistan not only economically also morally and practically. We all know better that what's going on but for this history will salute us, because other things at this time, if  we ask someone that whom faith you belongs to, 90% of them said to be that I'm Muslim even though in the past that we heard from the same faces their answer was strange-ably changed. These thoughts proved the first principle of Quaid-e-Azam which was FAITH.  

And today we are not only Baloch, Punjabi, Pathan, Sindhi or even and Urdu speaker, we realize from where and what we belongs to which is the only one thing, Pakistan. For this Second principle of Quadi-e-Azam has now proved that youth is on the track which is relates to UNITY. As well as youth also moving towards discipline and are being disciplined as well.
Youth of Pakistan has made a portfolio named as Youth Parliament, and a Nobel Prize Winner Society of Pakistan. Having a vision and aim such as conceived, conceptualized and planned to execute with a vision to empower the youth of Pakistan with the ability to understand the importance of their role in community services and to nurture their leadership qualities.
We, as youth build skills relevant to young people's personal development, as well as their role within a group. Because this will help to analyze their strength and weaknesses and set personal and vocational goals. But on a group level, we develop the ability for new comers to work with us and with others to create a shared vision and to draw on the talents, skills, and energy of others.
1)      In education sector youth of Pakistan covers and developing both basic and applied academics competencies and skills. We have an example of a girl from Swat valley name Malala Yousafzai who done a great job for the upcoming students by provide them a better work platform according to education.

2)      We   also provide psychological help, thriving relates to physical and mental health and overall well-being. Effective youth development activities prepare, support, and assist youth in making healthy choices in all phases of their lives.

3)      While communication relates to the development of positive social attitudes, skills, and behaviors so that youth feel a part of programs and their community. Mentoring is an example of the type of activity that can contribute to the feeling of being connected or communicate between together.

4)      Youth works in regards to occupational and career skills, attitudes, and behaviors which needs to success in the workplace. Employment and work-based activities help to validate out self-worth, as well as to explore abilities and interests.

We are full of patriotic feelings and our future is very bright. We could save and change the destiny of our country. For us policy consultative dialogues should be held in order to know their problems.
That it was the need of the hour that patriotism should be promoted as well as negative approaches must be discouraged. Because there are many example of people who have elevated themselves and been very affluent in terms of class due to their hard work and skills. People like Dr.Atta-ur-Rahman, Dr. Umar saif, Arfa Karim youngest Microsoft Certified student in the world, as well as, from Swat valley Malala Yousafzai, were not born in big political or elite families but their work is marvelous. Especially in the case of Dr.Atta-ur-Rahman, who changed the higher education landscape of country.
Youth needs to follow such example or should create example like these and many more amazing individuals. We need to pursue education; and educating other, which has more value as they will do the most good with it! And in the last, I would like to share one verse of Iqbal: